My mechanic called and said my cabin filter needed to be changed. Is that one of those scams, or should I actually do it? Gloria


Good question Gloria. Finally something I can say yes to!!  The cabin filter does exactly what the name suggests, it filters out the dirt from the cabin, i.e. the interior of the vehicle, or what’s commonly known as THE AIR YOU BREATHE!

So by all means, have it changed. How often you change it depends on how many miles you drive your car and how many hours you spend in it but every 2 years is the general idea. Sometimes we pull them out and they are black with dirt and it creeps me out thinking people are breathing that. I’ve actually seen them with mold on them as well. So please have yours changed (not every car has one) and let us all breathe a little easier!


About dontgetwrenched

Elayne Kling, was the owner of a downtown Manhattan auto repair shop for 25 years and recently in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Elayne knows the particular ins and outs of the auto repair world and keeps up her blog because people will always need help navigating the potential pitfalls of that world. Due to the crazy NYC real estate market she has since closed down her shop and started a new business called Projects Unlimited Inc., helping other small businesses.
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