In regards to your posting about those extended warranties, I bought one and so far
I have had 2 repair issues that have not been “covered”. I really wish I never wasted my
money and was hoping you would get the word out to people not to buy them. I wish
I would have read your blog before I bought it. Gloria


Thanks for pushing me on this issue Gloria. This is one of those things that really
gets me going. Lately I have been seeing a steady stream of new customers coming
in with these (I say new customers because older ones have been warned against it).
Here’s the scenario: Customer brings car in, we find the problem with the vehicle and I call up to get an approval. They always ask the same question “what did the customer bring the
vehicle in for?”. This question is designed to trip you up right away so I’m always
prepared with the correct answer. Now it turns out that even though it’s a failure of
a part they cover, they don’t always cover some of the associated parts,
they only pay a portion of the labor AND there’s a deductible. Recently I did
a job for someone on a part that was covered and by the time they were done deducting
everything out, they paid $29 of the $300 bill. This is not uncommon, rarely have I
seen a customer recoup the value of the original outlay and on top of that, it becomes a very frustrating endeavor. I can also imagine that quite a few mechanics don’t want to deal
with it at all. It requires quite a bit of time and energy including followup and I know
if I wasn’t here to deal with it , my partner would just flat out say no and I’m sure there
are many of his type out there. Please don’t get suckered into this, I promise it’s rarely worth it.


About dontgetwrenched

Elayne Kling, was the owner of a downtown Manhattan auto repair shop for 25 years and recently in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Elayne knows the particular ins and outs of the auto repair world and keeps up her blog because people will always need help navigating the potential pitfalls of that world. Due to the crazy NYC real estate market she has since closed down her shop and started a new business called Projects Unlimited Inc., helping other small businesses.
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