I dropped my car off at my mechanic and he repaired it for me. It ended up being
more than I can afford and now I’m having second thoughts on paying
for it and picking it up. He says I have to come get it and pay him but what happens if
I don’t and I just leave it there? (name omitted to protect the moronic).

Um, I’m struck a little speechless by this question (clearly not a common reaction for me).
I have heard tales of this type of thing happening in depressed area’s of the country,
where people agree to repairs and then never come back for the cars. This has never
happened to us so I’m not an expert in the field but from what I hear it’s a real problem
for some repair shops. Recently I was having a chat with an upstate mechanic who
informed me it happens to him all the time. He said he has a file an inch thick
on junks he’s had to lien, that weren’t even worth price of the lien. My advice
would be to behave in an ethical manner. If you have signed off on a repair then
go pick up your car and pay for it. Don’t agree to a repair that you can’t afford .
If for some reason you find yourself in this situation AFTER a repair has
happened then at the very least call the shop, apologize profusely AND

I know this is supposed to be a blog about about not getting screwed over by your
mechanic but I also have to make sure that repair shops are not getting screwed over
by their customer’s (granted, a rare occasion).


About dontgetwrenched

Elayne Kling, was the owner of a downtown Manhattan auto repair shop for 25 years and recently in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Elayne knows the particular ins and outs of the auto repair world and keeps up her blog because people will always need help navigating the potential pitfalls of that world. Due to the crazy NYC real estate market she has since closed down her shop and started a new business called Projects Unlimited Inc., helping other small businesses.
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