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Thought you just might like to see what just showed up for repair.30's car

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I’ve had to go back to my mechanic 3x now to fix my ac. What gives? He keeps telling me a different story, is he just robbing me?

Thanks, Joanna

no ac


Well of course he might just be robbing you, no question about that BUT…AC failure can be very difficult to diagnose. The freon (not really called that anymore but I still do) is a gas and can leak out of countless places. You can fix one spot only to have it leak out of another, and possibly from a spot that can’t be seen.  You can spend over $1,000 dollars on new compressors, driers and accumulators only to find that a hose is now leaking or you need a new condenser too. It’s endless with AC.  Just ask a lot of questions and make any mechanic show you exactly what he’s doing….and make sure he’s not charging you over and over for the freon. I have a policy when I’m doing a job for someone, they get charged once for freon in any given summer, your mechanic should be saving it and recycling it.  If it leaks out and a customer has already paid me for one fill-up then the following fill-ups are on me. Good luck, stay cool!

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Put A Bow On It

I just got a call from a potential new customer telling me we came highly recommended. He wanted to bring his “new” car in to be checked out before a long drive up to Canada. We chatted for a minute or two and then he said “new” again so I asked what he meant by that, thinking he must mean new to him. He told me it was a 2014 with 4,000 miles on it. I asked why he wanted to bring a brand new car in and he told me that, although his wife thought he was nuts, he worried about things like that and wanted to be safe. I told him to find something important to worry about and to enjoy his trip. This is my first call of this type in 25 years but just in case there are any other of you worrying types are out there let me be clear…..THIS IS THE REASON TO BUY A NEW CAR, TO NOT WORRY.


car bow


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I’m going to keep this short and simple. DO NOT LEND YOUR CAR OUT! I know I’m a broken record on this subject but it’s a weekly event here (and sometimes twice in a week) that someone brings their car in because they lent it out to someone who crashed it. Drama almost always’s ensues & friendships are broken. Just keep it simple and don’t do it. I get that sometimes it’s really unavoidable and I’ve been know to do it for short distances and quickies but it’s just not a good policy. Keep it in mind.



Questions: Dontgetwrenched@gmail.com

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Caller ID

I just went off on someone who called, which I try not to do but seriously, use your brains.

Caller: “My car just broke down nearby, its a 1996 Buick Century. I think it needs a fuel                     pump, approximately how much would that be?


Me (in an irritated voice): “Don’t call around asking for prices on a repair that you have no                                                   idea is a correct diagnosis. Someone will tell you $500 on the                                                       phone and you may only need a relay but they’ll charge you                                                      $500 anyway because they already gave you a price. Call                                                             around and find a mechanic you trust instead.”

Caller:   “Oh, ok.” click.



It was harsh on my part but I get this type of call all the time and it is the exact wrong thing to do. They are trying to find the cheapest job instead of the correct job by a reputable technician. Don’t do it!


Questions: Dontgetwrenched@gmail.com

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You Got the Time


This is just a friendly reminder from previous blog posts but seems to come up over and over.

It’s simple: If you have a car accident, stay at the scene and call the police.

fender bender


I’ve been seeing a lot of the opposite recently and just this week one of my customers “didn’t have the time to wait”. She let the guy convince her that the damage he did to her vehicle would only cost $400 and she accepted the payment…… $1600 later……

Not getting paid enough is only one of the many pitfalls, someone can take down your plate and then claim all sorts of things later on.

Please listen to this advice and DON’T MOVE.


Questions: dontgetwrenched@gmail.com


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My mechanic just informed me that I need a brake fluid flush and a power steering flush. Do I really need those?


Dear Madison:

This a a topic that is much debated in the industry. Let me just say this and keep it as simple as possible. We have never, ever, ever, ever, in 25 years, (did I say never?) charged anyone for a brake fluid or power steering flush. You may deduce what you will from that.

See photo to sum up my opinion.



Questions: dontgetwrenched@gmail.com

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